Portland Community Today

The Bahá’í community in Portland is a growing and vibrant community with spiritual and social activities in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Bahá’ís have regular meetings for worship, educational activities for children, youth, and adults, and social activities open to all. Bahá’ís gather in study circles to explore in a participatory manner Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings. There are also activities for service, observances of Bahá’í Holy Days and other events to which all are welcome. Informal gatherings, sometimes referred to as “fireside meetings,” provide an open setting for asking questions and learning more about the Faith for oneself.

Portland has many sister communities in the metro area and Oregon that have their own administrative bodies as well as spiritual and social activities.

Often those who want to meet the Bahá’ís or want to attend a service will ask “Where is your church? How can I attend a service?” However, in most areas the Bahá’í community is not defined or organized in terms of a congregational facility like a church community, but rather in terms of community service and outreach. Though some large urban communities maintain a Bahá’í Center, which is usually a larger facility for hosting public events, holy day observances, and community activities, most often you will find the Bahá’ís engaged in community building at the neighborhood level by opening their own home, or by visiting the home of their neighbors.

You will find Bahá’ís in more than 30 communities in the Vancouver-Portland metro area actively involved in fostering open, vibrant and supportive communities. Most Bahá’í activities are open to everyone. See where we are near you!

You can also visit our metro website for more information about local communities.


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